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46 year old Wang Feihuai third fetal   Nicholas Tse   Deborah: God! I’ll tell you a big belly – Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: 46 year old Wang Feihuai third child, Nicholas Tse Deborah: God! I’ll tell you the celebrity big belly is different from ordinary people, celebrity love married by the public attention is normal. The problem now is that the public concern should be measured, not to cross over. Excessive attention, even a backseat driver, interfere with the private lives of celebrities too. Yesterday, the media once again and Bachu Nicholas Tse attended a press conference in Shanghai, a reporter asked about the rumors outside the pregnant girlfriend Faye Wong is true, Nicholas Tse directly interrupted a reporter asked: "are you dead? Run so far to be scolded!" Scared assistant quickly come forward to ease. Nicholas Tse said again, "you let him ask." But the next is still not answered. In addition, there is news that Nicholas Tse was stable during the filming of the movie, but to the crew recently proposed to speed up the progress of blasting because that Faye Wong is pregnant with 3 child, so hurry to go back to Beijing by. Faye Wong, a pregnant again, agent Chen Jiaying always said "no", and Nicholas Tse’s mother Deborah recently asked about the matter, it is fuzzy response: tell you my belly. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: