4 kinds of fashion habits harm health-exit safe mode

4 kinds of "fashion habits" why do you always want to eat after losing weight? Why do you want to eat something after losing weight? Because most of you say you want to lose weight, eat very little, even do not eat staple food do not eat meat? Your body adapts to the gluttonous eating, suddenly so rudely it, do you think it will not revolt? What about it? First of all, we want to make sure that weight loss must be a reasonable diet, seven points on diet, exercise by three points. Our goal is not only to control the diet, but also to make the stomach hungry. That’s when we need to eat more high satiety foods. What is the fullness of food? Two, what is the feeling of satiety? The pattern most people eat is like this: once you feel hungry, you have a strong desire to eat; if you feel full, you don’t eat, and you don’t want to eat for a while. The feeling that you don’t want to eat any more is called satiety. For people who want to lose weight, if the food to bring a higher sense of satiety, you can extend the "do not want to eat" state, thereby reducing the total calorie intake, control and reduce weight. Three, how to determine the satiety of food? 1, the protein content of high protein food easy to eat breakfast cereals grains banana Kiwi orange apple _11141018_xxl Orange Juice egg nutrition research found that in the case with the same heat, the fat content of food is higher, satiety is lower; and higher protein content, satiety will be enhanced. Such as "oats Maple cake" and "strawberry flavored yogurt" satiety more than "chocolate chip cookies" and "delicious baked cakes". Which contains a lot of fat and sugar cookies, Danish bread, cake, chocolate sandwich cookies and other food is easy to simply stop the mouth, when the meal is not only easy to eat too much, and hungry. 2, the high content of cellulose food is also easy to make people satisfied because of the small proportion of cellulose, large volume, after eating obviously filled the stomach cavity, and take a long time to digest. Salad vegetables such as cabbage _20127274_xxl: after a Thai fragrant rice indica Steamed Rice eat hungry, and taste for rough rice, black rice, oats, barley grains is a kind of easy to make people feel full. With fine white powder made of Steamed Buns and noodles and there is no strong sense of satiety, red beans, soybeans, beans and other legumes can maintain long-term satiety. 3, rough, large particles, hardness of food easy to different bakery full scientists used the same heat to do the experiment, found the rough processing and chewing up the hardness of bread are more likely to make people feel full and sustained a long time. The soft taste, delicate bread is not easy to make people feel full, and even if it is full, the maintenance time is shorter. This is not only related to cellulose and other ingredients, and food volume and the number of chewing are related. In almost the same amount of bread, the fullness of the white bread is stronger than the soft white bread and the fruit bread! In general, low fat, high protein, high fiber foods have the strongest satiety, while their nutritional value is also the highest, is conducive to the control of a variety of slow!相关的主题文章: