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Marriage-Wedding Its your wedding, and you want to make sure its as special, personal and memorable as possible. While you might not have the time and money and free energy to make sure that every little detail is as perfect and special as possible, that doesnt mean you cant personalize enough details to make a great impression. Its often the smallest things that make the biggest impression in the end, so here are some places you can put a little extra time and attention to assure everyone involved thinks back fondly on your special day. The first thing you want to do is set your priorities. Whats most important to you to stand out? Decide this ahead of time, because chances are youll get a lot of ideas and only be able to implement some of them. While youre at it, you should start making note of every picture you see from a wedding that stands out to you. These can be from magazines and blogs, or anywhere that highlights wedding elements. Figure out what really makes an impression in your eyes. While I dont think you should just outright copy what other people found success with, I do think you should capture the spirit of what they ac.plished. If they had a beautiful wedding guest book, then consider having a memorable wedding pen for everyone to sign in with. If they had wonderfully decorated invitations, consider how great a beautiful save the date card could be. Focus on emulating the idea, not the actual item. Another great way to create a unique event is to include some personal stories into the ceremony. Not everyone is going to know all the details about how you met and your courtship, so it can be nice to include some of these stories into either your vows, the readings, or what your priest says. You dont want to go overboard, but making sure everyone is up to speed can be a great way to plant the whole story of your courtship from meeting to marriage in their heads. Often we go to weddings and only have a vague idea of how everyone got there, especially if its someone whom we havent kept in touch with, and this little stories and moments will help everyone feel included in the event. You can continue this feeling of intimacy on to the reception. While you can have the traditional big tables for everyone to eat at, consider adding some more casual and cozy places for people to relax in the hall. Lay some large cushions around, especially in the corners. Put books from your home near the cushions. Place photo albums of you, your partner, your families and your courtship around the room in these corners. Make people feel at home, and invite them further into your lives. People often get tired at big events, so its a nice touch to treat them as intimate guests and allow them to relax and explore more about the two of you. Making your wedding personal and memorable doesnt take a lot of work; it just takes a little thought. Dont go out of your way to be wildly different, just go the extra mile to ensure everyone is as happy, .fortable and included as possible. In the end, your guests are there because they are all important in your life, and its your job to make them feel that way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: