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37 interactive financial data acquisition target acquisition of wind fought many times hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my 37 acquisition of financial data against mutual Entertainment Weekly Times reporter Shi Lu from the fight Shanghai air above you, never lack the wind "adventure", waiting for it in addition to hardship and risk. In August 2nd, regulators thorough investigation of television game cross-border restructuring as 37, mutual Entertainment (002555.SZ) a "critical moment" dished out $2 billion 565 million acquisition of video game, in the game circle a ripple. It is in August 16th attracted regulatory inquiry letter. Shenzhen thrown 14 questions to nearly 5 months of suspension of 37 interactive interpretation. At that time, the media also pointed out that the existence of 37 mutual entertainment financial fraud suspects. In August 24th, 37 mutual entertainment to reply to the media questioned the purchase amount and income data fight, but because in the movie 2015 annual report missing acquisition target fourth customer revenue, and because the tax problems caused by inconsistent data before and after. This also means that the new board listed companies in the film (836006) financial statements is controversial, the company’s financial accuracy is questionable. In addition, for part of the sales data in the fight, television said due to income tax gap refers to the reason to be too far fetched. The value-added tax is jiawaishui, generally speaking, if a listed company in this part of the income tax, must indicate whether or not, otherwise there will be recognised in the income difference, which is the most basic financial knowledge. If the Shenzhen stock exchange is the tax verification confirmed that the cause, no matter. If not, there will be inflated revenue suspect, that is, financial fraud, so restructuring is bound to be affected, the company will face fines." A lawyer engaged in mergers and acquisitions of the weekly Times reporter said. Almost in the restructuring at the same time, 37 mutual entertainment in June this year to spend 70 million yuan to subscribe Nanning Guangzhou film (833604) of 6 million 620 thousand shares, accounting for 10% of the shares to become the latter two shareholders, refused to disclose the 37 mutual entertainment is not up to the standard of disclosure. It is worth noting that the 37 mutual entertainment acquisition, Guangzhou television rose about 10 times the valuation is listed, the latter was only about half of the time. The weekly Times reporter on Nanning Guangzhou Investment film and other questions call the 37 secretaries of the mutual entertainment Zhang Yun, told the weekly Times reporter, Nanning Guangzhou equity investment television, is optimistic about its future development. The recent hit and won the praise of "meet Wang Lichuan" is the works of Nanning guangzhou. High valuations questioned cited in the regulators strict control of film and television, games and other cross-border mergers and acquisitions when Wanda cinema to avoid three points, take the initiative to suspend Wanda asset injection. 37 mutual entertainment but on the same day announced the acquisition of film and game company’s plan, this allows peers to sit up and take notice. 37 mutual entertainment its restructuring plan, intends to issue shares and to pay cash, the acquisition in the film a 100% stake, and 68.43% of the shares on the ink technology相关的主题文章: