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2 hot spots: the Lakers sign two a couplet Ying opponent Houston training exposure – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 1st, let us review the news today: TOP5 (click the title) 1 Lakers sign two a couplet Ying the Lakers officially announced officially signed two players – defender Julian Jacobs and striker Travis wale. Based on team policy, the contract details were not disclosed. There are indications that these two people signed a contract is not guaranteed training camp. Jacobs, 21, from University of Southern Calif, height of 1 meters 93. As this year after rookie, he had studied at University for 3 years, the 15-16 season to produce 11.6 points and 5.4 assists and 4.9 rebounds and 1.2 steals. The 25 year old will come from UCLA, height 2 meter 08 he functional power forward. The upcoming training camp, will will be a direct competitor of Chinese player Yi Jianlian. 14-15 season, will Nicks on behalf of the team played 51 games, including the first of the 1 games, the game scored a total of 3.9 points and 2.1 rebounds. 2 Harden rockets training exposure from the American media reports, earlier today, a Harden led the Rockets training photos of exposure. In the photo, including the city is currently almost all players. The atmosphere of unity, but also won the praise of the rest of the city media. Although, from the pre-season training camp opened and a period of time, but as a star, but most of the Rockets players have been called harden, began training in Miami. 3 regression basis! Jeremy Lin sun pictures nets point guard Jeremy Lin dribble today in social media drying out a photo of his dribbling training. For Jeremy Lin, he is ready for the upcoming season. The offseason is a player of the best time of its own, especially for Jeremy Lin, after all, the new season, the nets have high hopes for him. Before the Nets coach Kenny – Atkinson said, Jeremy Lin is the team leader of the 16-17 season. 4 rockets promising Mo Tai rockets website recently signed column "red 94" note Lockhart – Hooke wrote, predicted a great striker Mo Tai Jonas prospects for renewal. The article believes that Mo Tai is likely to be completed before October and the Rockets signed. And in the market, there may be pieces of Mo Tai team also only 3 teams were left. From the camp before the start of the season, there are less than a month’s time, until now, the Rockets did not complete the contract with the big striker Mo Jonas. But note Lockhart – Hooke think, comprehensive analysis of the current market situation, the possibility of Mo Tai and other teams have not signed. 5 Lakers before the dispute who first competition from Walton: "the Losangeles times" reported that the Lakers coach Luke – Walton said, at present he has not yet determined the new season starting small forward. This means that this year the show Bangyan Brandon – veteran Rolle – Ingram and Deng location of the main competition. The training camp before the opening "相关的主题文章: