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Stubborn belly formed 10 reasons why Sohu healthy diet is a female friend who will never change the topic, maintain a good figure seems to be women’s life mission. But often a little attention, will cause obesity, especially the abdominal fat, imperceptibly became stubborn meat. Want to lose belly, first of all to the cause of the formation of big belly. A fruit and fruit can not only provide vitamins and minerals for the human body, but also beauty, do you like eating fruit is wrong? In fact, the same as pure sugar fruit and sweets, eat more will certainly lead to weight gain. An apple and a bowl of heat Steamed Rice heat are roughly the same, eat two apples does not matter, but if you eat two bowls of Steamed Rice will let the beauty of a woman scream. Therefore, apples, oranges and other fruits a day to two limit, what to eat is appropriate. Two sweet love to eat sweet and tempting cookies and chocolate is almost like every woman, although the stomach is full, but why can heart not jump eat together? The sweet sugar, faster than the glycoconjugate digestion rate of Steamed Rice or bread, in the stomach to stay in a very short time, eat too soon will feel hungry. If long-term fasting consumption will lead to a vicious cycle. Furthermore, if the sugar in the blood rapidly increasing. It will be made from fat insulin, so people will get fat. Three meals gobble fast food, will lead to obesity in the stomach in imperceptibly. The human brain to convey the "full" instruction, is in the start of the meal after 20-30 minutes, however, are not full before they set it in the brain, it will cause overeating. Also, watching TV while eating will unknowingly eat too much. Some people lose weight by eating only one meal a day, although it may lose a few kilograms a month, but it can damage your health. The four habits of many people continue to lose weight in the short term assault lose weight, can not stand the pain to lose weight and then give up, if always suddenly suddenly thin, fat and slim think repeatedly, at first glance, in fact, body fat rate is increasing, this is the so-called "invisible obesity". Usually, when you lose weight, the fat will decrease with the muscles, but once again increase weight, it will only increase the fat without increasing muscle. Therefore, in the repeated weight loss behavior, will imperceptibly let fat a lot of stocking stores. Five terrible physiological cycle for the irresistible female physiological period, there is no effective control method. Women before menstruation in the past will have different degrees of anxiety, eat drowsiness phenomenon, this phenomenon is called "premenstrual syndrome", in this period of time, because while eating and drinking can not resist hunger because of tiredness and lack of exercise, sleep also will be a corresponding increase in the imperceptibly growth fat. Six because of emotional frustration or annoyance is the pressure of work there is no place to resolve, it is easy to start with food, especially sweet greasy foods, these foods can give people a very strong.相关的主题文章: