19The new board report Rainbow Night 14 zero income 3 innovative company deficit of more than 50 milli|The new board report Rainbow Night 14 zero income 3 innovative company deficit of more than 50 milli4

The new board report Rainbow Night: 14 zero income 3 innovative company deficit of more than 50 million (Figure) – Sohu securities reporter He Xiaoqing reported in Guangzhou. What is the reason for the August number of three new board listed companies blowout situation? Reporters visited a number of listed companies this month found that the vast majority of enterprises are listed in April will be submitted to the application of the national stock transfer system. As of August 24th, the transfer of shares from the system to the provisions of the deadline on August 31st only 5 trading days, in the 8846 listed companies, the company has disclosed the results of the semi annual report of a total of 5339, accounting for more than 60%. However, there are still 3507 listed companies did not disclose semi annual report. The data show that the new three semi annual report card performance is Rainbow Night. In the 2016 semi annual report has been disclosed in the 5339 companies, Shun Hao biological (833686.OC) has become the only company with a negative operating income. During the reporting period, the company operating income of -28.48 million, down 209.75%; net profit of -289.27 million, down by 224.19%. The company said that the main reason for the decline in performance in the first half of 2016 is affected by the Wei Zexi incident, a larger income fluctuations. In the short term caused by the focus on the upstream and downstream of the industry chain of the company’s main business revenue fell significantly, compared with the same period last year fell 109.02%. In contrast, another two new board enterprises have achieved more than ten billion yuan of revenue, respectively, Jintian copper (834178.OC) and steel silver electricity supplier (835092.OC). During the reporting period, the two companies to achieve revenue of 14 billion 40 million yuan and $16 billion 636 million each. 14 companies’ data show that as of August 24th, has been disclosed in the semi annual performance report of the 5339 listed companies, as many as 14 companies revenues are zero. This 14 companies respectively in Yu medical (430118.OC), the East core communication (430670.OC), Ren Hui (830931.OC), Xiang biological science and Technology (831104.OC), Hao Chen shares (831156.OC), Nainuobang (831653.OC), China’s agricultural foundation (832425.OC), Austria Huicheng (833351.OC), Suzhou Shanghai (833464.OC), Spring Garden (834085.OC), Seibt (835346.OC), power (835702.OC), Tong Rong Hui Mining (837754.OC), kangbeide (837905.OC). In this regard, card Hang Seng chief research officer Yuan Ji said, the main business income can reflect the operating results of an enterprise, is an important guarantee for enterprises to obtain profits, is one of the important financial indicators. Its revenue is zero indicates that the business has been suspended. Among them, the kernel will be innovative biological enterprise. According to the company semi annual report disclosed that in the case of zero revenue, net profit loss of 23 million 316 thousand and 800 yuan. Company clear

63Apple trouble iphone6 screen failure suffered a Class Action Lawsuit – Sohu Technology|Apple trouble iphone6 screen failure suffered a Class Action Lawsuit – Sohu Technology6

Apple’s troubled iPhone6 screen failure suffered a collective Litigation – Sohu technology news August 30th, the Reuters reported, due to design flaws caused iPhone6 and iPhone 6Plus mobile phone touch screen failure, no response, before the mobile phone users collective decision to sue Apple Corp. According to Saturday submitted a national collective litigation documents show that the problems of the models will appear in a gray stripe at the top of the screen flicker effect, use the touch screen, apple is already aware of this design flaw, but always refused to repair the problem. Unlike iPhone 5, apple refused to use metal protective cover to protect the related parts. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff also said: iPhone is not suitable for use as a smart phone, because it has a touch screen defects." The nine month of the quarter before the Apple Corp sold 166 million 400 thousand iPhone mobile phone, net sales of $108 billion 500 million. Currently, Apple has yet to comment. According to previous well-known U.S. technology blog Businessinsider reported recently, many users exposed the apple iPhone 6 generation iPhone and 6 Plus are serious design flaws, that is part of the machine at the top of the screen will appear a gray, flashing stripes, and mobile phone screen will appear to touch no response or response is not sensitive problem. As time goes on, the area will gradually expand, and the feedback from the screen will become worse and worse. Moreover, even if the user can not completely replace the screen to solve this problem. Maintenance providers pointed out that the root cause of this problem is that the user is responsible for the touch signal into the iPhone can identify the data on the touch screen controller chip, the chip is generally welded on the logic board. Because of the design of the problem, the chip may be used in the case of damage or displacement, which will lead to the gradual failure of the device touch screen. Some analysts pointed out that this problem is in fact the same in 2015, breaking the door there is a similar structural defects.